The Steering Wheel

Exactly. Feel the coolness of a breeze rush your nostrils. Now. Close your eyes. How many times today did you kiss the sky with your eyes? Can you feel that deep satisfying peace in your…

In the Shop

I knew it. I just knew it. As well did you. Before you’re allowed to touch another man’s tool — certain formalities have to be met. ~.~ © 2017

There Was a Time

There was a time when the music was my voice. I pretended I was heard. The melody danced on the tune of my emotion. Romance in notes tuned to the cosmic dancer, dancing and dance….

South of the Border

In a Tijuana cat house doorway, that Spanish matron so old and frail. She about folded up and blew away. She checked your heirlooms, this jewel inspector; for things that crawled and things that didn’t….

Free At Last

“Free at last!” the preacher sang. What, dear God, have you made? Who can understand? We know, we think, the planets drive. We understand how microbes thrive. What came before is written down. “Free at…

Family History (Part XXXVII)

My family’s always been addicted to tobacco. Must be a lot of savage in me, get myself hurt sometimes — learning I’m doing something I hadn’t ought to be. Like, breathing fire, sucking smoke into…

In Search of a Friend

My heart is not an echo chamber. Can a leaf stop trembling, even on a very still day? Only wisdom can exchange the currency of harm to salvation. I took my empties to the recycle bin…

The Empath

Paralyzed in overwhelming empathy, for the moment touched but lived in panoramic mental images. Realized the world continues but, I’m shocked still in the creation of divergent futures. All my physical senses censored, reduced to…


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