Autumn’s Reading List

On the reading list

On the reading list

As often happens when I start new projects, or a new phase of an ongoing project — I begin by “cleaning house” and organizing myself in creative and mundane ways.

It occured to me that my reading list might call louder to me if it were not scattered about the house. Now that it’s gathered within reach of my office chair, it gives me a perfect opportunity to inflict a photo on you!

Included on this fall’s reading list are —

One Straw Revolution by Masanobu Fukuoka. This is one of those rare re-reads for me. The sub-title for this incredible book is — An Introduction to Natural Farming. Since our garden is beginning to mature after four years of cultivating love and sweat, I thought it was appropriate to re-read this book, which inspired me in the 80’s when I first took up organic gardening.

Christian Perfection As Taught By John Wesley — compiled by Rev. J.A. Wood. This book comes out of my grandmother’s collection and I was reminded of it when I wrote “Defense of the Faith”. I also reminded myself I had never read the book. *smile*

Imperium by Ulick Varange, the pen name of Francis Parker Yockey. Admittedly, a favorite of right wing politics in the 60’s, I’ve read parts of it over the years, but never managed to plow all the way thru it. It is a fascinating read, nonetheless, but takes an incredible amount of concentration & staying power. (this is my “Bingo” book — I take this along when Diane and I go to Bingo — I have a lot of spare time because I don’t do the Early Bird games and don’t take smoke breaks. *laff*. This book follows last year’s Bingo book — Dune by Fank Herbert.)

Writing Down The Bones by Natalie Goldberg — a gift from my daugther about different facets of writing and learning (and unlearning) habits leading to better wordcraft.

And lest you think my shirt is a mite stuffed — I do have the Hunger Games Trilogy by Susan Collins (Hunger Games, Catching Fire & Mockingjay) — borrowed from my other daughter — and waiting in the wings. *grin*