2 March 2013

If you want an image to enlarge into a “lightbox”, apparently WordPress has an issue with that. I learned a clever little workaround. Justin Tadlock of  www.themehybrid.com provided the `link=”file”` to be placed manually in a gallery post in the text editor after the gallery string, i.e. `gallery columns=”4″ ids=”102,104,99,” link=”file”` – placed inside of brackets []’s instead of backticks “s.

Installed a stub post in Apologetics to flesh out the menu.

Uploaded images for the first three Essays, which I’m taking for johngjohnson.org (again, to flesh out the menu). And, then, grouped images in  galleries and created an additional catchall category – ‘Work’ – for images — so they will be available for the Ascetica thumbnail widget. I am thoroughly pleased with this WordPress theme — Ascetia — the author is Galin Simeonov of AlienWP, whose work can be found on Justin’s website.