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— Clarence Darrow was the lead attorney for defense team of John T. Scopes — in the famous Tennessee vs. Scopes trial — often called The Trial of the Century — or, mockingly, the Scopes Monkey Trial. This trial determined the constitutionality of teaching evolution in public schools in 1925. Darrow, thwarted by the court and public opinion in his planned defense —  rested his defense without giving a closing argument, which disallowed William Jennings Bryan – lead counsel for the prosecution’s team (who was considered the greatest orator of the day) from giving his closing statement either.

Currently researching the background for this article —- all photos (currently) taken in Dayton, Ohio in 1925 by Walton Davis of Science Service, a news service. Provided by the Smithsonian Institution Archives. Permission pending. 3 March 2013

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