In Search of a Friend

My heart is not an echo chamber.
Can a leaf stop trembling, even on a very still day?

Only wisdom can exchange the currency of harm to salvation.

I took my empties to the recycle bin
And crawled in.
One can always hope.

Only love is redeemed in the exchange.

If a confidence is not shared,

When the Why is louder than the How
only then, is When left to be divided.
What trumps Who and
Where never mattered —


Unless, of course, you’re speaking of a resident thing,
which, would belong in an empty place yet longer.

But, who,
is semi important.
For, if they are to themselves,
then they are,

and your walk is still longer.


Sound, like love, seeks to be absorbed, till it stops trembling.
Shout down a canyon
And that voice will not rest till it finds your eardrum.
Do you know how that works?
Then, you’re smarter — than I am.

You’ll never see love echo down a canyon.
But, each time it hits a wall;
it grows fainter.